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AKA: Fiber Disease Syndrome (Morgellons)

There exists in our world today, a disease, so unusual, that after 5 years of research by various groups, not a single person has, to this date, been able to figure out what it is.

We need the help of concerned citizens, caring health care professionals, interested media and government agencies to help us help ourselves understand what this unknown skin disease (Fiber Disease Syndrome) is, where it came from and how we can work together to eradicate it before it becomes an epidemic.

This site is designed to do the following:

Secure a network of caring health care professionals:

Interested in becoming informed about this syndrome.

Willing to listen to patients that are upset about having something that no one can define or name and that are sympathetic to our plight.

Willing to come forward and list their names on NetMedVisit so that patients searching the internet with this syndrome can find doctors that care.

Who are not opportunists and will not take advantage of these desperate patients and will charge them "normal" office visit fees and not $500.00-$1,000.00 for a first time office visits.

We would like to:

Create a “phone bank” support group so that we can support one another during these difficult times.

Inform the public (who we consider to be intelligent adults able to make their own informed decisions), of all the theories and remedies available, who is working on them and the progress of their work, if they are willing to report it.

We need to inform the public, patients and the medical community about:

Fundraising  events and how you can help.

The nonprofit organizations which are set up to help our cause, what they are doing and how you can help them achieve their goals. (We will ask these non-profits for their quarterly & progress reports and mission statements.)

The theories and remedies that those concerned about our condition have created or discovered.

 (Disclaimer: This site and the owner will not be profiting from any sales. Companies are listing their products free of charge.  We are not endorsing any of the products on the site unless it is noted on that page. This site lists products so you, the public, can make an adult, informed decision. We will ask from each company or person that is promoting a product or investigating a theory that any and all research is explained, the connection to our disease clarified and any statistics revealed.)

All current events and NEWS which has already taken place, so that they are able to research without having to search the internet.

Consider this site to be an internet Switzerland. We are neutral and feel that intelligent adults can and will decide for themselves what they want to believe, what rings true and what does not. Therefore we will not filter information given to us and we are to be held harmless for any product purchased.

What are companies and people that claim to be helping actually doing about this disease?

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