Agro Bacterium/Stony Brook

Agro Bacterium is being linked to our syndrome by a caring scientist. Below are listed articles which have been found by people who have added to this site. They do not necessarily reflect Vitaly Citovsky’s opinion.

An Article.

Some more research

A February 2007 Meeting of the Minds.

I am hoping that Dr Citovsky will let us know of his progress and what we can do to have our doctors test us for this puzzle piece which may just lead to a discovery and a cure for this syndrome..

I have faith in this person.

 Vitaly Citovsky, PhD.

Untl then....

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Agro Bacterium used to grow hair?

The most widely used method for transferring genes into plants is the Agro-Bacterium mediated transformation. Agro-Bacterium tumifaciens is a pathogen of dicotyledonous plants and is a natural genetic engineer (has the ability to transfer its DNA into the cactus genome). It normally infects wounded plants cells and causes tumours or galls to form. During the infection process, a region of DNA called T-DNA (transfer DNA) is transferred into the cactus cells where it becomes stably integrated into the chromosomes.







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