We need a minimum of 1(one) Doctor in each state.

Will that caring professional be you?

National/State Fiber Disease Syndrome Project

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Doctors, we need you. Plain and simple.

Many of us have had the experience of not knowing what we have and not having a physician that will listen with an open mind and caring heart.

We need a place where misunderstood patients can go, so that they can feel that someone cares and is listening. Someone that can prescribe a protocol to follow and think of tests to give so we the patient and doctor, can figure out what this disease (syndrome) actually is or is not..

Doctors should be caring and open minded and not judgmental and pompous.

What has happened to medicine?

We need some caring doctors to see patients.

If you want to go the extra mile and need you to be part of our project, at no cost to you.

We also would feel honored to have you list your office, so that patients can find you on NETMEDVISIT

Thank you.



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