Gold Bond

Gold Bond Link

I have to brag, this one really works and it is cheap!

I just love things that work and are cheap.

Gold Bond doesn’t work well as a powder for this disease (syndrome) so you have to follow the instructions below to a T and it will work.

1) Take a very hot shower and open up all of your pores.

2) Mix Gold Bond Powder in a bowl with hot water so that you get a consistency equal to that of pancake batter.

3) Place an old sheet on your bed and cover yourself from head to toe and then sit and watch TV for about 2 hours.

4) Scrape off, in the shower, the dried substance and then take another very hot shower.

5) Place extra water in the paste mix and place on a very thin coating and go to bed

6) Take a shower in the AM and then coat your self with some Miracle of Aloe Foot Repair Cream and be on your way to a great day!.

This will stop the itching and biting after about 2 night of doing this.

Post your results by writing to me and I will place them on this site, with or without your name attached. whatever you wish..





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