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Miracle Foot Repair Cream..LOVE IT!

The stuff that really, really works!

I can not say enough about this product. One day I had a little nail type thing coming from my finger and I pulled it out with a tweezer and it bled.

The next day I decided to take a look at the scab with my Radio Shack Hand-held 100X microscope and LOW & BEHOLD!!! If there was one fiber there were a thousand.  I freaked, of course.

I tried to remove them with a towel and nothing. They would not come off my finger. I

then applied some of this cream and WHALA! When I looked they were gone and have not come back. A MIRACLE..just like the tube states.

I think it is the MENTHOL that breaks “them” up and makes “them” not able to stick.

This has also cleared up the lesions, that I have had for over 8 months on my arms and shoulders. ANOTHER MIRACLE!!!

I LOVE THIS STUFF and it is cheap.

And you know I LOVE CHEAP!




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