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If you have been to a dermatologist before arriving at this site you have been called DOP AKA: crazy and have been instructed to see a psychiatrist. This is standard operating procedure if you bring in "matchbox" samples or you tell your doctor what you have, especially if you mention the word "Morgellons" since Dermatology Today equated "Morgellons" with DOP, which is another term for crazy.

Please keep this in mind when going to see your doctor:  They have to pay the high cost of medical malpractice insurance. This policy does not allow them to think out of their specialty box. Any normal doctor with a mortgage, spouse, children that need college, weddings and a car payment is going to risk his life to help you discover what he can not recognize. Marcus Welby is a thing of the past.

If you understand this concept you will be ahead of the game and will not stress when "You need to see a psychiatrist" is insisted upon by your doctor. Doctors require a billing code. Our syndrome, which is not recognized has no code to bill under and most doctors will not use vague codes for an extended period of treatment time.

When going to a doctor, do not bring in samples. Let them know that if he/she feels that it is necessary for you to see a mental health professional, that you are willing to after the doctor has done all he can to find out what you have by testing you for things they think it may be. In most cases where patients have gone to a mental health specialist, that  doctor has given that patient a clean bill of health, which can be brought back to the original doctor which made that request.

Many disease have the same symptoms and to prove what this is we must prove what it is not and that is where the National/State Fiber Disease Syndrome Project has a place in our quest for acknowledgment.

Common symptoms of most autoimmune diseases:

A list of unusual diseases.(click here)

1) Fatigue

2) Arthritic pain and joint stiffness

3)Creepy crawling sensation on your skin and hair

4) Biting and stinging sensation on your skin.

5) Hair loss

6) A slight dementia or "Brain Fog"

7) Insomnia

8) Sensitivity to light, heat and cold.

What Makes Fiber Disease Syndrome different?

1) Non-healing skin lesions (This also can occur with other autoimmune diseases and certain types of Cancer.)

2) Very small dots of black coming out of perfectly good skin tat when placed under a microscope present as little wound fuzz balls that look as different from each other as snowflakes

3) When looking at your skin with the Radio Shack 100X Hand-held Microscope you can see fibers of different colors not visible by the human eye inside of lesions and on unbroken skin.

Many people report bugs coming from inside them as if we are producing them.

I believe that we give off a certain smell which attracts bugs and they lite on us and in our lesions and hatch and we then "think" the bugs are coming from inside us and that we are producing them. (Please see theory page.)

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