The Project

National/State Fiber Disease Syndrome Project

We want to have a minimum of one doctor per state willing to see patients and conference with other doctors who have been treating patients so that a Mastermind Group of physicians will be created.

The program will give to each of these doctors

1) A Microscope: Scrapings will be taken from patients, placed onto a slide and then recorded by the microscope into an electronic file.

2) A Digital Camera: Patients will have pictures of their lesions taken during every exam (once every three months) and those pictures will also be placed into an electronic file.

3) A Computer/Printer: Upon arrival, and after the patient is weighed in, blood pressure taken, resting pulse recorded and pictures taken, they will be seated in a room by themselves to take a 2 hour questionnaire, specifically designed for this study.

4) A Voice Recorder: The volunteer coordinator will review the medical history questionnaire filled out by the patient before the first exam. This review will be recorded along with an additional series of questions asking the patient to describe the history of their condition. This will be placed into an electronic file.

5) All electronic files are on the computer placed under the Patients “Study Reference number.”

The Protocol:

Patient arrives at the office and fills out a medical history, insurance form and appropriate forms for the study.

Patient is weighed in, temperature taken, blood pressure and resting pulse recorded.

Patient and volunteer coordinator will review and record the medical history and ask a series of carefully developed questions.

The doctor will take a biopsy, scrapings and photos.

The volunteer coordinator will give the patient a study reference number. The coordinator will place the photos, voice file and photos of scrapings into the computer under the patients study reference number..

The patient will then be instructed to take the computer test is a room closed off from the rest of the office. This tests takes approximately two hours to complete with a 5 minute rest every 15 minutes.

Upon completion the patient, depending upon the type of insurance, will have blood drawn for an array of blood tests which will include but are not limited to, drug, alcohol, MRSA, AIDS, Herpes, Hepatitis, Agro Bacterium and Thyroid. A complete list of all tests will be published in the near future.

The completed test information will be placed into the patients file and compared with the State database which will be coordinated in one location by a project supervisor.

Patients will be instructed to have a follow up appointment once every three months.

A regimen of anti-fungal, anti-parasitic or antibiotics will be prescribed for three months per patient, depending upon what part of the study they are involved in..

Once the study is completed the data will be used to compile a peer review article which will be used as the basis for applying for Federal grant money for research

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