Theories and Remedies

We are waiting for all those contacted to reply.

We have requested from all sources. listed on the first page, that they report back to us with facts, not fiction, about this disease. We will post their progress and findings as soon as we receive them. If we do not receive any information from these individuals we will have to believe that nothing is being done or that they do not wish for the public to be informed of their work and/or progress. We will keep you informed of what they have told us and if they refuse to post their research and findings. So keep checking back for updates..


Please note that we are a type of internet "Switzerland" and do not endorse or recommend any of the theories or remedies  listed below. We believe that as mature adults you can decide for yourself about which items to try and things to believe.

We will always try and ask the sellers of these products to back up these products and have them relate how these products can help us with overcoming the symptoms of this syndrome and also describe what studies have been done or are being done to back up their findings..

We will always ask the idea person, internet investigator, qualified research scientist and doctors that have theories to relate to us, in laymanís terms how their theories relate to our disease and to explain how they think their theory operates within our own body. All theories must be backed up with scientific thoughts, knowledge and facts and not massive URL links.

Non-Profits, which are the backbone of our quest for funding and discovery should be able to produce a quarterly report which would include finances and progress. We will ask them for this. If the information is not included, they have refused our request.

Randy Wymore/ Oklahoma State

Citovsky/ Agro Bacterium/Stony Brook

The MRF/ Lyme/Media Coverage

Silver Products

German Cream

Other Creams

The NPA/ Collembola

The Gulf War Syndrome Connection


Cotton Connection

Nano Technology

Fungal Connection

Bacterial Connection

Parasitic Connection

Dr. George Schwartz


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